PHP Task

Create a PHP class that parses (unknown number of) text files in a folder and allows to extract the total value of amount field from the file and get filenames of parsed files.

FilenameDate RangeAmount CollectedAmount Rejected
file (4).txt01-02-2009 to 26-02-2009£1297.65£324.72
file (3).txt01-02-2009 to 29-02-2009£460.02£82.41
file (2).txt01-02-2009 to 29-02-2009£461.25£194.34
file (1).txt01-02-2009 to 29-02-2009£329.64£172.20
file (5).txt01-02-2009 to 29-02-2009£1103.31£501.84
file (6).txt01-02-2009 to 29-02-2009£1132.83£565.80